Zhengzhou University library was founded in 1956. In July 2000,the former Zhengzhou university ,Zhengzhou University of Technology, Henan Medical University successfully reunited into a new comprehensive Zhengzhou University, and the former three University libraries also incorporated into the new Zhengzhou University Library.So the new library now consists of four parts: Branch Library on thenew Campus,No 1 Branch Library,No 2 Branch Library, and No 3 Branch library.

The area of the library amounts to 46,000 square meters. The collection capacity has reached 3,180,000 items, including 597,000 foreign books, about 6850 sorts of current periodicals both in Chinese and in foreign languages,500,000 medicine books and periodicals, and 150,000 ancient books,containing 2,200 rare ancient books , 320 kinds of precious volumes and editions of Yuan and Ming Dynasties,and about 270 sorts of novels of Yuan,Ming and Qing Dynasties.The collections cover the fields of science,engineering,medicine,economics, management, art and law, and the strong areas are information technology, medicine, finance and economics.The library has begun to use the automation system since 1993.The library has paid great attention to the development of the modern digital library. In 2002,ILasII integrated automation system was installed to the Library. Under the system, users can access the library's collection and librarians can work on acquisitions, cataloging,series management and circulation.The Library Online System is a part of the campus-wide network, and therefore accessible from every part of the campus, out of the University and overseas through CERNET and Internet. The library also brought in many famous foreign databases and Chinese databases such as EISpingerElsevierUMIChinese Academic JournalsChinese Sci & Tech E-journalsWANFANG Chinese Databases and so on.

Many important organizations are also located in the library, such as The Secretariat of University Libraries Committee in Henan Province ,Halis Management CenterHalis Information Center in Science, Social Science and HumanitiesHalis Information Center in Engineering TechnologyHalis Information Center in Medical. Besides, the library has played an important role in teaching and research at Zhengzhou University, and it has also made great contribution to the digital library development in Henan.

The library now is composed of acquisition, cataloging, periodicals, circulation and reading, technology, document Services and other departments.

The present Director is Prof. Zhang Leishun

Address: 75 Daxue Road, Zhengzhou Postcode450052 Telephone: 0371-67781660